Falling in Love Cappuccino or Cocoa

Falling in Love Cappuccino or Cocoa
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Product Description

Expand your guests' coffee horizons with a cup of velvety-

smooth, creamy mocha cappuccino. Now more then ever,

flavorful cappuccino drinks are being served not only in

the early morning hours, but throughout the day. These

delicious favors make an undeniably impressive gift that

is sure to warm the spirits of those you love!

Each single serving of drink mix comes sealed in a

beautiful white gloss pouch (3.75"w x 5"h) that contains

1.25 ounces of the powder drink mixture. Instructions are

on the back on how to mix the pouch contents to create an

irresistible indulgence.

All designs can be personalized with the name of the bride

and groom and the wedding date.


Min. order 36 packets